Two-Bedroom vs. One-Bedroom Apartment in Chicago

Chicago Apartments, One-Bedroom vs. Two-Bedroom

We’ve previously discussed the pros and cons to renting a studio vs. a one-bedroom apartment. But how about a one-bedroom vs. two-bedroom? Let’s take a closer look at what to consider before signing a lease on a new apartment in Chicago.

Chicago Apartments, Two-Bedroom vs. One-Bedroom

Apartment Storage Space

First, it’s important to take stock of your belongings before deciding between a one-bedroom vs. two-bedroom. If you have a lot of stuff, a one-bedroom apartment may feel cramped or cluttered. An extra bedroom can make it easier to maintain a clutter-free, organized home. However, if you’re living with roommates, you’ll need to rely on closet space. (Good news — all of PPM’s apartment offerings in Chicago include huge, roomy closets, so you won’t have to worry.)

Chicago Apartments, Two-Bedroom vs. One-Bedroom

Have Guests Stay in Your Apartment

If you’re living solo, having a guest room in your apartment can be a game changer. Having a space for people to crash when they’re visiting Chicago makes things a lot easier for guests. And chances are, they’ll return the favor when you visit them! If you want to offer a guest room, a two-bedroom apartment is your best option.

Chicago Apartments, Two-Bedroom vs. One-Bedroom

Workout Space

One-bedroom apartments don’t offer much space for working out at home. If you rent a two-bedroom apartment, you can utilize the extra bedroom as an at-home gym. Ask yourself how much space you need depending on your personal fitness routine.

Chicago Apartments, Two-Bedroom vs. One-Bedroom

Space for Pets

While it may seem extreme to give your pet his or her own room, an extra space for your dog or cat to eat, sleep, or play can help contain unpleasant messes and smells. For example, you may want to keep your cat’s litter box in an extra bedroom, which wouldn’t be possible in a one-bedroom apartment. Similarly, the extra space can serve as a “dog room” to keep crates, toys, food, and more.

Chicago Apartments, Two-Bedroom vs. One-Bedroom

Home Office

Working from home is the new normal, so you’ll want to set up a workspace no matter what size apartment you choose. If you go for a two-bedroom, you can use the extra room as a home office. But it’s not impossible to create a workspace in a smaller space or studio apartment. You just have to be a little more creative!

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