Studio vs. One-Bedroom Apartment in Chicago: Questions to Consider

Chicago Apartments - Studio vs 1 Bedroom Apartment

While living with roommates has its perks, there comes a time when you may want to set out on your own. If you’re ready to give solo-living a try in Chicago, you’ve got two options: a studio or a one-bedroom apartment. So, how do you decide which one is right for you? There are pros and cons to each choice, and asking yourself some questions can help you determine the right fit. Consider the following when it comes time to decide between a studio vs. one-bedroom apartment as you search for apartments in Chicago. These questions will help you make the right decision before signing a new lease.

Chicago Apartments, Studio vs. One-Bedroom

How Much Do You Want To Spend on Your Apartment?

One of the main reasons people choose a studio vs. one-bedroom apartment is the cost. Studio apartments comprise a single room – meaning your bedroom, kitchen, and living room are all in one shared space. Some studios feature separate walls or nooks that divide the kitchen, and all studios will include a private space for the bathroom area. As a result, studio apartments tend to be cheaper than one-bedroom apartments, which are typically larger because they include a separate bedroom, living room and kitchen spaces.

Chicago Apartments, Studio vs. One-Bedroom - Living Area

Do You Mind Cleaning?

Because of studios’ smaller sizes, they’re also easier to clean and maintain than their one-bedroom counterparts. Keeping a studio apartment organized is usually easier, since everything is in one space. If you hate cleaning, studios may be easier for you to maintain. Of course, some people actually enjoy cleaning. If you’re one of those people who finds joy in cleaning, you may be a better fit for a one-bedroom apartment.

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How Much Stuff Do You Own?

Small studio apartments can be both a blessing and a curse. While less space requires less cleaning, it also means there’s less room for storage. Studio apartments can feel cramped pretty easily. If you have lots of stuff, a studio apartment may get cluttered pretty quickly. Before moving into a studio, people often have to purge their belongings to make everything fit in their new home.

However, another reason to choose a studio vs. one-bedroom is that they require less furniture and decor. If you’re moving into a new place for the first time, you may not have a lot of home goods to decorate and make the space your own. A one-bedroom apartment may look a little scarce when you move in without furniture and decor to fill it up. On the other hand, a studio apartment can look complete with just a few pieces of furniture.

For those who love to decorate, more space means more chances to show off your personal decor style. One-bedroom apartments may be a better option if you’re passionate or curious about interior design, as the extra space will provide more decorating opportunities.

Chicago Apartments, Studio vs. One-Bedroom

Do You Like Entertaining Guests?

Studio apartments aren’t ideal for entertaining, either. Generally, a single room lacks the space to host more than a couple of guests at a time. Plus, having guests hang out near your bed may feel like an invasion of privacy. If you consider yourself a private person but still want to entertain, one-bedroom apartments are probably a better choice.

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