Helping Students Find An Apartment In Chicago

Planned Property Management has a proud history of working with students. Our apartments are right around the corner from some of the best universities in Chicago.

Chicago is home to outstanding colleges, prestigious universities and trade schools. Planned Property Management gladly welcomes students looking for housing in Chicago. Whether you’re a local or coming from overseas, students looking for an apartment in Chicago need to look no further than PPM. We have experienced leasing agents who enjoy working with students. Many of our rental experts speak several foreign languages which can make the process of looking for an apartment uncomplicated.  We understand there are many challenges associated with studying abroad. Finding a place to live while you are beginning your college studies should not be one of them. Our leasing office is open 7 days a week. We will show you and your parents the perfect apartments that will match your needs and your budget. Or, if you are unavailable to meet in person, we can arrange a virtual tour for you.

Here is what an international student had to say about their rental experience with PPM:

“Being an international student, there were a lot of barriers to confront. I had to find housing, settle down, find roommates, put the utilities in my name and do everything by myself. When I was searching for housing in Chicago, I didn’t know where to start. I connected with PPM through Facebook and got a chance to look at their student programs. With PPM it was so easy to get honest reviews from their residents and decide on an affordable apartment in Chicago. I am so happy I chose PPM.”