Welcome to the PPM Broker experience.

We are happy you’re here and look forward to a successful partnership.

From tours to applications, our mission is to make the leasing process as easy as possible for you and your clients. Start here to see current pricing and availability, touring and application instructions, protocols and processes, contacts, and concessions.


Up to 150% Commission Right to You!

We are happy to hold an apartment that is available now for any client that can move in by September 1, 2021. 


150% Commission

3 Months Free

on a 12 Month Lease


3130 N.Lake Shore Dr. and 1133 N. Dearborn are offering 1 month free on a 12-month lease

One Bedrooms

150% Commission

2 Months Free

on a 12 Month Lease 

1120 N. LaSalle, 1111 N. Dearborn, and 1133 N. Dearborn are offering 1 month free on a 12-month lease and 1.5 months on an 18-month lease.

Two Bedrooms

125% Commission

1 Month Free

on a 12 Month Lease 


100 W. Chestnut is offering 2 months free on a 12-month lease. 

1133 N. Dearborn is offering 1/2 a month free on a 12-month lease.

Three Bedrooms

100% Commission

1 Month Free

on a 12 Month Lease 

Hello Brokers!

We are happy to present these guidelines for PPM’s self-guided broker tours. These tours are a great opportunity for you to show PPM apartments easily and get paid quickly. Thank you in advance for following our self-guided broker tour guidelines.

First, and this is very important…

Please do not knock on our residents’ doors to show their occupied apartment. Touring occupied apartments without proper notification breaks the terms of our leases. Please only show apartments that display as, “available now” on our broker availability page. The availability status is always listed in the rightmost column.

Call the Broker Hotline

Before you arrive at any location for a self-guided tour, make sure to always call our hotline at (312) – 462 – 1830 to register with us and confirm your appointment. Self-guided tours cannot be completed without prior confirmation. 

Get Access

Lakeview and Lincoln Park tours: Please visit 806 W. Belmont to receive building/apartment access and directions to your appointment.

Gold Coast and River North tours: You will need a business card and ID to be granted access by the door staff.

Ready to apply?

Great! Here is what comes next:

Claim your credit!

When your clients find the apartment of choice, please guide them to www.apply.ppmapartments.com where your clients will complete their online application. Please instruct your client to use the Drop-Down Menus shown on the application and choose:

  • Leasing agent: Choose Apartment Broker
  • How did you hear about us? Choose Outside agency

Our Broker Team




Send us the details we need.

Once your client applied, please send an email to the Self-guided Broker Application Team:

Please include the following information:

  • Client’s name and email
  • The apartment they have applied for.
  • Move-in date
  • Quoted price and Concession offered
  • Broker’s phone number and email

Once this is received, our team will send you the registration information for our payment portal. Here your client can submit their payment for the move-in and application fees.

Relax and Let Us Take It From Here

Please inform your client that once the completed application is received and confirmed by our broker team, your clients will receive an access code to our Online Payment Portal where they will register and pay all necessary fees and dues prior to their move-in date. If our broker team is contacted after hours, this access may come to your clients the following morning.