Broker Support

*PPM is offering 100% Broker Commission on all PPM apartments featured on the Broker Availability List!*

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Before You Tour…

  • Confirm unit is available to show on PPM’s Real-Time Broker Availability List
      • ONLY Vacant and Model Apartments can be shown by Brokers without a PPM Employee Present!
      • You can access Model Apartment unit numbers and video links by Clicking Here.
      • Current PPM Residents are NOT eligible for Broker Commission!
  • Register every client by following This Link. If you believe you receive an invalid error message, please feel free to email us at with the details of the error message.
  • For Apartment Access show your business card and valid ID:
      • Lakeview/Lincoln Park Building: Pickup key(s) at 806 W Belmont
        • Exception: 3130 N Lake Shore Dr – Check-in with office staff on 2nd floor at that building.
      • Gold Coast/River North Building: Check in with Management Office – they will grant access
      • Hours:
        • Mon-Fri: 10 AM – 6 PM
        • Sat: 10 AM – 5 PM
        • Sun: 10 AM – 4 PM

After You Tour…

  • For Lakeview buildingsReturn the building key(s) to 806 W Belmont. For after hours, you can place key(s) in the mail slot.
  • Direct client to the PPM Rental Application:
      • For Leasing Agent have the client select “Broker Self Guided Tour”
      • For How did you hear about us? have the client select “Outside Agency”
  • After the client submits their application: Email with:
      • Client name(s)
      • Apartment building/unit (applied for)
      • Expected move-in date
      • Price/concession quoted
      • Your contact phone/email
  • A member of the PPM team will reach out to you.
  • Per Applicant, PPM will collect $75 background check fee and a $300 (Lakeview/Lincoln Park Studios) / $400 (Lakeview/Lincoln Park 1 and 2 Bedrooms) / or $450 (Gold Coast Apartments) admin fee via PPM payment system.
  • Per Applicant, PPM will collect $75 background check fee and a $450 admin fee (Gold Coast Apartments) via PPM payment system.
      • After your client submits their application, a PPM Team Member will provide you/your client with the account ID to make the payment.

Get PAID on the SPOT!

  • The amount you collect is your commission (100%!)
  • No need to send an invoice or wait for payment – Your client will pay you directly!
  • Client pays your brokerage first month’s rent minus the tax rider (listed rent price -$75 Gold Coast/River North or -$50 Lakeview/Lincoln Park)
        • Example 1:
            • Listed rent price is $1300, and the apartment unit is in Lakeview
            • Subtract $50 (tax rider)
            • Client pays you $1250
        • Example 2:
            • Listed rent price is $1300, and the apartment unit is in Gold Coast
            • Subtract $75 (tax rider)
            • Client pays you $1225
        • Note: PPM will charge the client the tax rider separately
  • Provide our team with proof of first month being paid to you in the form of a receipt. (*Required for PPM to execute Lease*)


For assistance, email

***Pricing and concessions are subject to change at any time.

About Your Broker Support Team…


Title: Sales Admin Assistant

People should come to you about: Things to do in Lakeview

Favorite Local Restaurant: Crisp on Broadway