PPM’s Tips For A Stress-Free Move


It’s no secret that moving is a stressful process. In fact, it’s arguably one of the most stressful life events a person can endure. Packing up everything you own, loading it onto a truck, and unloading it all into a new apartment requires a lot of time and physical labor. While there’s no way to entirely avoid the stresses of moving, there are steps you can take to streamline the process and make it bearable. Get ready for your next move with PPM’s best tips for a stress-free move.

Take Time to Declutter

One benefit of moving is that it provides an ideal opportunity to declutter. You’ll be going through all of your belongings anyway, so it’s easy to pick out things you no longer need. Getting rid of items you aren’t using will lighten your load a bit and make packing easier. Donate your used items to a thrift store or local Goodwill.


Create a Packing List

Proper organization is key to a low-stress move, and the best way to get started is by creating a separate packing list for each room. One particularly useful method for staying organized during a move is to number every single box you pack, then write down the contents of each box underneath its corresponding number on your packing list. Proper organization will allow you to quickly reference your list if you’re looking for any specific items. It’s also helpful to color coordinate your boxes and assign a color to each room. When it’s time to unpack, you’ll be able to identify which boxes belong in each room easily.


Be Resourceful

The cost of moving can be a significant stressor, but there are ways you can bring the spending down by utilizing your belongings. A straightforward way to save money on boxes, bubble wrap, and packing supplies is to use your towels or clothing to wrap fragile objects. Items that are soft can be used to pad boxes and keep your belongings safe during the process. Another tip is to use any bags or luggage you own as boxes. Pack as much as you can into your travel gear before spending money on additional boxes.


Don’t Be Afraid to Ask For Help

Nothing makes the moving process more manageable than the help of friends and family. One of the best moving tips is to just ask for help! Order a pizza, buy a six-pack, and invite your crew over to help you move. It will take a lot less time than if you do it alone. Just be sure to return the favor when it’s time for one of your friends to move.