5 Biggest Moving Mistakes You Must Avoid

Chicago Apartments, Moving Tips


When it comes to moving, everything isn’t going to be easy. After all, the entire idea of relocating from one residence to another is something that isn’t fun for most people. When you move, you get to spend a lot of time, money and more importantly, energy. The process can be highly challenging and emotionally draining if you’ve done it the wrong way. So if you want your relocation to be smooth sailing and easy, consider these five biggest moving mistakes you must avoid from the very beginning.

Chicago Apartments, Moving Tips

1.         Taking everything with you. Through the years, no wonder you’ve gathered tons of clothing, magazines, kitchen tools, and even furniture. And you even plan on taking absolutely everything to your new home.


  • Although you find it helpful, bringing all your personal items with you isn’t actually a perfect idea. It will only add up to your space, making your unpacking a bit stressful for you.
  • Before the big day, make sure to spend a few days walking through your home and determine items that you don’t need or use anymore.
  • Remember, moving gives you the opportunity to declutter and get rid of all unnecessary and unused items. That way, you’ll spend less time on packing and unpacking and save money for moving less stuff.
  • So you better start re-evaluating what you need to keep before your final move-in date.

Chicago Apartments, Moving Tips

2.         Doing everything yourself to save money. There’s nothing wrong in saving money. However, you should do it without compromising anything in return. While you may think of doing the move yourself just to save money, you should always consider the possible repercussions of doing everything alone.


  • For instance, a DIY move can also be financially exhausting depending on how much stuff you’re transporting and how far your target destination is.
  • If you’re staying in Chicago but you plan to relocate in New York City, try to consider the option of hiring a licensed moving company like Movers NYC. They can offer services that can make your move much easier and smoother.
  • Besides, you can’t do all the work by yourself. You still need a helping hand especially if you’re relocating across a long distance. Thus, it’s better to leave all the work to the professionals so you’ll have a peace of mind from start to finish.

Chicago Apartments, Moving Tips

3.         Failure to organize your moving boxes. In most cases, failure to organize your boxes and label them afterward is one of the biggest mistakes you should always be wary when moving.

  • If you’re packing all your stuff, try to avoid putting everything into the boxes without organizing them.
  • Take note, the more unorganized your boxes are, the more you’ll get overwhelmed and frustrated in unpacking them. It’s therefore important to make a list of what you’ve put inside the boxes and label them later on.
  • Besides, knowing what’s inside any of the moving boxes can reduce the anxiety and stress brought about by moving. It can also ensure you that nothing is left behind during the move.

Chicago Apartments, Moving Tips

4.         Boxing up fragile items in a lazy manner. Packing can be stressful. However, you shouldn’t allow your laziness to control you when you’re getting around to packing up all of your fragile items.


  • When it comes to your plates, vases and other delicate items, be sure you spend adequate attention in boxing them. Besides, it’s better doing it than doing nothing to secure your personal belongings all throughout the transport.
  • You can gather plenty of bubble wrap and other packing materials to sufficiently cover your fragile items.
  • If you’re depending on your movers to pack your stuff, it’s still better to keep an eye on your belongings to make sure they box those delicate items in a secure and safe manner.

Chicago Apartments, Moving Tips

5.         Letting procrastination to prevail. Everybody knows that moving requires a thorough planning and preparation. But, procrastinating has nothing beneficial to offer you if you’re moving. It will only give you tons of stress knowing that there’s a lot of things to accomplish before your moving day.


  • That’s why it’s important for you to start early. Refrain from doing the last minute move if you don’t want mistakes to come in.
  • Remember, the earlier you’ll plan, the better your moving experience will be. Don’t forget to make a moving checklist so you’ll not get everything in chaos.
  • If you decide to seek help from certified movers, contact them as early as possible to schedule your move-in date. By that time, you’ll have everything prepared and ready for the move.



In conclusion


There can be no easy way to move all your stuff from one home to another. No matter how far or near your new location is, moving is a process that you should always take seriously. While it’s supposed to be an exciting event in your family’s life, things are actually more difficult than you ever thought possible. And to make the transition less tedious, be sure to keep these five biggest mistakes in mind. If you’re from Chicago and you’re planning to move to New York City, then you have the option of hiring the best moving company to provide you with all the services you need to get settled smoothly.

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