Reasons To Rent A Two Bedroom Vs. A One-Bedroom Apartment

Chicago Apartments, One-Bedroom vs. Two-Bedroom

We’ve previously discussed the pros and cons of renting a studio vs. a one-bedroom apartment. But what about a one-bedroom vs. a two-bedroom? It’s a question that couples and singles must face when deciding on a place to live. While couples may share a single bedroom, a two-bedroom may still be a better option for various reasons. Similarly, a solo dweller may benefit from the extra space a two-bedroom apartment can provide. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of a two-bedroom vs. one-bedroom apartment.

Chicago Apartments, Two-Bedroom vs. One-Bedroom

More Space For Storage

You may be as organized as Marie Kondo, but a one-bedroom apartment can still feel cramped, especially for couples sharing a space. From clothing to accessories, to your beloved shoe collection (or anything else that sparks too much joy for you to part with), stuff can pile up and create a mess pretty easily in an apartment. As a result, a one-bedroom apartment may quickly feel cramped or cluttered. Renting a two-bedroom apartment can be a good solution for those who need more space to organize their belongings. The extra bedroom can make all the difference when it comes to keeping a clutter-free, organized space.

Chicago Apartments, Two-Bedroom vs. One-Bedroom

Guest Room Option

A guest room in your apartment can be a bigtime game changer. Have a friend coming to visit you in Chicago? They’ll love you even more than before when you offer them their own bedroom to stay in on their trip. The same goes for family members, and this can be especially beneficial during the holidays (which are coming up fast!). In general, it’s great to have an extra place for people to crash when they’re visiting the city. And chances are, they’ll return the favor when you visit them at their own home.

Chicago Apartments, Two-Bedroom vs. One-Bedroom

Workout Room Option

Working out in your apartment has lots of perks, from saving money on a gym membership to not having to change out of your PJs. But the biggest obstacle that stops people from working out at home is often a lack of space. One-bedroom apartments leave little room for working out. On the other hand, if you rent a two-bedroom apartment, you can utilize the extra space as a workout room. 

Chicago Apartments, Two-Bedroom vs. One-Bedroom

Pets Room Option

We’re big pet lovers around here, so we understand how important it is for pet parents to spoil their fur babies with love, toys and attention. While it may seem a little extreme to give your pet his or her own room, hear us out — an extra apartment room could be a place for your dog or cat to play, sleep or eat away from the rest of your home. We all know pets get messy, and having their own designated area of your apartment can make it easier to clean up after them. This is an especially great idea for cat owners who want to keep their kitty’s litterbox tucked away somewhere private. An extra room is an ideal place to keep those things (and smells) you’d rather not have out in the open.

Chicago Apartments, Two-Bedroom vs. One-Bedroom

Home Office

Working from home can be great, but in order to make it work, it’s crucial that you have a designated workspace. This can be tricky as an apartment dweller with limited space. That’s where a two-bedroom apartment would be useful. You could easily put a desk in the extra bedroom and use it as a home office.


Having an extra bedroom in your apartment can be useful in many ways. And if you’re living on your own, it’s nice to know that you have the option to invite a roommate into your living situation should you decide to go that route. If you’re interested in checking out some of PPM’s two-bedroom apartment options, schedule a tour today.

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