The Ultimate College Student’s Guide to Apartment Hunting in Chicago

Apartment Hunting in Chicago for College Students

Are you a college student ready to embark on a new chapter in the heart of Chicago? As you prepare for this exciting journey, finding the perfect apartment is an important step. PPM Apartments can help you navigate the apartment hunting process with ease, regardless of whether you choose a PPM apartment or another offering. In this ultimate college student’s guide, we’ll provide you with essential tips on securing an ideal student-friendly apartment close to your college or university.

Get a Handle on Your Apartment Budget

Budget for your apartment

Before you begin your apartment search, determine your budget and allocate funds for rent, utilities, groceries, transportation, and other essentials. As a college student, it’s essential to find an apartment that fits comfortably within your budget, allowing you to focus on your studies and enjoy the city’s offerings. It’s never fun to be cash strapped by rent that is too high.

Another tip to optimize your available budget is to search for specials or promotions for apartments you may be interested in. For example, PPM Apartments regularly offers promotions on some of our most sought-after units via our apartment promo page.

Consider the Apartment’s Proximity to Your College or University

Chicago Apartment Proximity to Your College or University

Location is key, especially when you’re a busy college student juggling classes, assignments, and extracurricular activities. PPM Apartments’ locations in Gold Coast, River North, Lakeview, and Lincoln Park are strategically positioned near some of Chicago’s most prestigious colleges and universities.

Below are some prominent schools in each of our neighborhoods:

Gold Coast: DePaul University Loop Campus, Loyola University Chicago Water Tower Campus, Northwestern University Chicago Campus

River North: Moody Bible Institute, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Lakeview: DePaul University Lincoln Park Campus

Lincoln Park: DePaul University Lincoln Park Campus

Living close to your educational institution not only saves you valuable time commuting but also allows you to immerse yourself in the vibrant campus culture and easily access all academic resources.

Explore Transportation Options Around your Apartment

Transportation Options Near Chicago Apartments

Chicago offers an extensive public transportation system, making it easy for students to get around the city. When apartment hunting, consider the proximity of PPM Apartments’ locations to nearby train stations or bus stops. This will simplify your daily commute and provide you with the freedom to explore all that Chicago has to offer.

The best way to find available transportation apartments is by using Google Maps. By searching, “L stations (or bus stops) near [apartment address]”, you’ll be able to see nearby mass transportation stops. Chicago’s Transit Authority website is also a great resource for seeing “L” routes and bus stops near your desired apartment location.

Look for Student-Friendly Apartment Amenities

As a college student, amenities that cater to your needs and lifestyle can enhance your living experience. PPM Apartments takes pride in providing an array of amenities such as communal areas, on-site laundry facilities, and fitness centers, ensuring that you have everything you need right at your doorstep.

Apartment Roommate Options

Apartment Roommate Options

Many college students prefer to share living expenses with roommates, which can greatly reduce your rent expense. If you’re looking for roommate options, PPM Apartments has a variety of floor plans to choose from, including multiple-bedroom units that cater to students seeking a shared living arrangement.

If you decide to go this route, take the time to properly vet potential roommate candidates!

Plan Ahead – Apartments Near Chicago Colleges and Universities are in High Demand

Apartment hunting in Chicago can be competitive, particularly in popular neighborhoods near colleges and universities. To secure your desired apartment, plan ahead and begin your search early. Don’t hesitate to contact PPM Apartments’ friendly staff who can guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

PPM Apartments Can Help You Find Your Next Apartment

Finding the perfect apartment as a college student in Chicago doesn’t have to be daunting. PPM Apartments, with its prime locations in Gold Coast, River North, Lakeview, and Lincoln Park, offers a seamless apartment hunting experience, catering to the needs of college students. By considering your budget, proximity to your college or university, transportation options, student-friendly amenities, safety features, and roommate preferences, you’ll be well on your way to securing the ideal home to complement your academic journey. Welcome to Chicago, and happy apartment hunting!

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