PPM Connect Rewards: Hannah’s Bretzel

hannah's bretzel

Feeling hungry? Hannah’s Bretzel is the place to go when you want a super satisfying sandwich. According to the website, the spot uses organic, artificial-free ingredients and whole grains. Hannah’s Brtezel also commits to “serving you our sandwiches with the smallest environmental footprint possible.” The website continues to say that all Hannah’s Brtezel locations are powered by wind and solar — another bonus to getting your sandwich fix here.

The menu features a wide selection of breakfast sandwiches, classic sandwiches, salads, and more. Try “The Works,” a breakfast sandwich with organic free-range eggs, bacon, red onions, broccoli, peppers, organic baby arugula, and Wisconsin farmhouse cheddar on a fresh roll. The spot also offers a few seasonal specials and a variety of desserts to pick from, too. Don’t miss the Organic Belgian Chocolate Brownies!

The best part? Hannah’s Bretzel is a PPM Connect Rewards member. PPM residents receive 20% off online orders with code GIVEUSATRY! Head to the website to place your order here.


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