You’ve Inspired Us, Now It’s Time for YOU to VOTE for Your Favorite Quote!

We’ve been thoroughly inspired by all of the great quotes you’ve sent us.  It’s been tough, but we narrowed it down to the top 20, and now need your help to figure out which is the most inspirational. Is it the quote from Judy Garland?  Steve Jobs?  Abraham Lincoln?  Your next door neighbor? Vote for your favorite quote on our Facebook Page

We will have 5 winning quotes.  The finalists who submitted the top 5 quotes after voting will receive $200 each.   Thank you to all who have entered, good luck to the finalists, and be sure to check our Facebook page, Twitter feed, and Blog for more great contests, giveaways, and prizes coming soon…

Note: We did have similar quote entries from multiple individuals.  Because of this, the quote submission was attributed to the individual who submitted it FIRST.  Each finalist has been notified via email.

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