Winter Warnings for Pets

Chicago Apartments, Pet Safety, Winter Safety

It’s Brisk out there – Brrr!
Regardless of health, young animals and older animals are very sensitive to the cold. Be very mindful when exposing your furry friends to extreme cold this winter.
The cold can leave older pets’ joints extremely stiff and tender, and their movements might become more cumbrous than usual. Don’t be shy – sweater up your dog!
With Chicago already seeing single digit temperatures at night this fall, it’s a good idea to keep animals bundled up when walking them.
When your pup gets inside, also remember to dry their feet so they’re not in a prolonged state of being cold.
Dogs AND cats will curl up against anything warm. Pay attention to your pet’s access to radiators, space heaters, etc., to avoid potential injuries to your furry friend.
Chicago Apartments, Pet Safety, Winter Safety
Chemical Dangers:
Your friends at Planned Property have ensured that all buildings have had their furnaces checked for carbon monoxide leakage. One less thing for PPM residents to worry about in this winter chill!
Chicago Apartments, Pet Safety, Winter Safety
Planned Property is mindful of their pet owners. Planned Property uses pet-friendly rock salt outside of their buildings. Other places you might pass on Fido’s walk might not be as friendly.
Rock salt can cause painful burning & cracked and dried out paw pads ,dermatitis, inflammation of the paws if your pet steps on it raw and serious gastrointestinal problems including vomiting and internal burns of the mouth and digestive tract if ingested. If your pet has stepped on non-friendly rock salt, wash the area well with a wash cloth and soap. Make sure to get everything out, so your dog can’t lick the paw and potentially ingest any remnants.
Chicago Apartments, Pet Safety, Winter Safety
Preventative steps to avoid salt interactions are finding non-salted areas to take your little on out for their walk. If this is not a possibility, booties can be a solution. If your dog can tolerate them, hard, soft, and latex booties are available.
Chicago Apartments, Pet Safety, Winter Safety
If your pet has trouble with wearing something on their feet, a natural cream or wax-based paw protection (such as Musher’s Secret – available online and at local, PPM adjacent stores) is also available to get your dog through the winter.
Booties and waxed-based protection available at these PPM adjacent stores:
Lakeview/Lincoln Park Area: Wigglyville (Broadway and Roscoe), Barker and Meowsky (Armitage & Sheffield), Sam & Willy’s (Lincoln & Roscoe), Kriser’s (2 locations: Belmont & Kenmore and Clybourn & Magnolia), Petco (2 locations: Halsted & Barry and Clybourn & Magnolia), and Dog –a-holics (Southport & Addison).
Gold Coast/Near North Side: Tails in the City (Delaware & State), Kriser’s (Ohio & Fairbanks), Petsmart (Kingsbury & Eastman), Petco (Orleans & Illinois)
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