Winter Life Hacks

Chicago has already decided to turn into Chiberia for the winter, whether you were ready for it or not. Winter in this city isn’t just a season; it’s a way of life. Only the strong survive. Well, we figured there is no such thing as too many tips for surviving this city in winter, so here are our favorite Winter life hacks for getting you through either your first winter in the windy city (good luck!) or even if you’re a veteran, you’ll find these tips helpful.

Pre-warm your bed

Purchase an inexpensive heating pad or go all out for a heated blanket or heated sheets. When you get home from commuting in the blistering cold your bed will be warm and you may never leave it. If you have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning you may want to skip this hack because you’ll likely never make it to work… ever.

Prevent hat hair

there is absolutely no way you can get through a Chicago winter without wearing a hat. If you think you’re not going to wear one, you’re drunk. Yes, a hat will be your best friend against the constant cold and wind that plagues the bus stop every morning, but as soon as you get to work and take it off, it becomes your enemy. Hat hair is one of the worst winter side effects. But fear not, put a can of dry shampoo in your desk or bag and spray a little on your roots when you take off your hat. Hat hair will disappear and you will no longer resent your useful winter hat.

Save your boots

After you take your boots off, they most likely slouch and fall over and just generally look sad. If you have a nice pair of leather or suede boots, this could be damaging and create creases. To help save your boots, buy a pool noodle (yes, the kind you float around on) and cut it into lengths that fit inside your boots. Place the shortened noodles inside your boots after taking them off and they’ll not only stay upright but probably last you longer and decrease wear and tear.

Eat whole grains for breakfast

Right before heading out into the cold for your morning commute make sure to eat some whole grains (wheat, brown rice, oats, quinoa, barley, millet) because they not only give you instant energy to keep your boding going but since whole grains are complex carbs they warm your body because they’re digested quickly. The vitamins they contain (vitamin B, magnesium) also help regulate body temperature. As an added plus, a warm bowl of oatmeal might be the best winter breakfast ever.

Keep the oven open 

Winter is an excuse to make a lot of comfort food. After you’re done baking a batch of cookies or a chicken pot pie, leave the oven door open. Not only will the smell fill your house with glorious goodness, but it will also help warm your house as your oven cools down.

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