Winter Apartment Care

Chicago Apartments, Winter Apartment Care

You might think that the only things you can do to combat the unbearable Chicago winters is to bundle up while you’re outside roughing it for your morning commute. But, we have some news: you can help beat the winter inside your apartment as well. 

Change out your bedding

If you use the same bedding year-round then you’re doing it wrong. A summer comforter and sheets and a winter comforter and sheets make a solid investment and will also make you feel like you have it together. Some light sheets and a thinner comforter in summer and flannel sheets and a thick (maybe even, dare we say it, HEATED) comforter in winter will make you feel like you’ve mastered living in Chicago in the winter – that is, until you step outside.

Prep your windows

Windows can let in a lot of cold and release a lot of heat. So for the sake of being green (and also the sake of your wallet) try checking all your window seals for leaks – also think about investing in curtains, or heavier curtains if you already have some to help hold the heat in your apartment.

Get all the rugs

If you have wood flooring or tile in your apartment it likely runs a little colder than apartments that are carpeted. If you haven’t already, consider investing in some cozy rugs in the wintertime. Not only will your feet thank you when you don’t have to walk across a cold floor, but your wallet will as well since rugs help your apartment hold in heat and can help to lower your heating bill. Chicago Apartments, Winter Apartment Care

Cover your outlets

Now, this might sound crazy but electrical outlets can produce a draft. Outlet covers aren’t just for stopping baby fingers from becoming electrocuted – they can also keep you a little warmer inside.

Use candles

Candles are great year-round but in the winter they can produce a little extra needed warmth on those coldest of nights. Plus – if you get a cozy scent its just that must better. But use candles with the utmost care and caution. Never leave a candle lit when you’re going to bed or leaving your apartment.

Stock up

Every year there are at least a couple of snow storms in the city that cause you to stay in your apartment for at least a day or two. If you’re lucky enough this is during the week and you have a boss who takes pity on you and tells you to stay home. When this happens the last thing you’ll want to do is venture out into the frozen Chiberia and get supplies. Because you know on days like that delivery is backed up or nonexistent because the roads are so bad. So keep a few frozen meals or essentials on hand so you’re not stuck outside on the coldest day of the year.

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