Wingout Chicago

The month of June is jammed packed with various events in the Chicagoland area. PPM kicked off the summer the right way and we check out the 4th Annual Wingout Chicago! Check out how it went and stay tuned to be apart of an eventful summer!

Wingout Chicago is a two-day event located at the St. Michael’s Church in the heart of Old Town. The event has 16 of the best local vendors for wings with 25+ flavors to try. Each ticket included 4 hours of all you can eat wings, a free adult beverage and live musical entertainment. With all these incentives, PPM was very interested.

The echoing of the music down the street of Cleveland Ave; The smell of chicken wings filling the air; Laughter and sound of people having a good time in the ideal weather of summer, this was the best way to spend your Sunday for the first week of June. Our first impression of the event was the amount of diversity and genuine happiness of the people at the event. There were various families and people of all ages and different ethnicities. The environment created from this event was something unique that has been established in this community.

Every Direction that you turn, there is a different stand with complete different flavoring and seasoning. Some of the highlights were the classic BBQ and Buffalo and it ranges all the way to Pineapple Habanero, Korean and Unami Wings. With 25+ different flavors to offer, there’s a choice for everyone’s taste buds. If you have a craving for really spicy, one vendor does a “Death Sauce Challenge” where you have to eat two chicken wings within 20 seconds of their hottest sauce there is to offer.

As for our review, the highlight was the wings that came from The Rabbit Hole. The variety that they had and the sweetness of the buffalo sauce really draws you in. Other notable mentions were The Wild Hare and Aberdeen Tap with a sauce they called “The Jerk”. Each and every stand brought their own passion and style to this event and that’s what really makes this event stand out. No other event in Chicago will bring you wings in the way that Wingout Chicago does. For all wing lovers, this is the event for you!

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