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Tucked away near the corner of Broadway & Aldine, Windy City Sweets is an anchor of the East Lakeview neighborhood. Its presence in the neighborhood is undeniable during the summer months when crowds line up for some of their ice cream and enjoy in their outdoor seating space. Besides ice cream, though, Windy City Sweets has a little bit of everything that awakens the kid inside of all of us.
We stopped by Windy City Sweets and met with the owner to learn more about this magical place and all of the wonderful sweets and treats inside!
Windy City Sweets has been in business for over 50 years in the Lakeview neighborhood and is one of the few-remaining candy stores in Chicago that makes its own chocolate creations in-house. The original owner of Windy City Sweets can still be found in the back kitchen making their delicious chocolate confections.

From the minute you walk in to Windy City Sweets you can’t help but smile. If there’s one thing people can all agree upon, it’s the joy that comes from candy, chocolate, and sweets! With over 1,000 different types of treats inside, Windy City Sweets has something for everyone’s sweet tooth.
An entire wall of Windy City Sweets is lined with all sorts of loose candy, Jelly Bellies [over 50 flavors!], and other delicious morsels. You can purchase everything by the pound. They have an enormous collection of vintage candies and sweets that will transport you back to your childhood. They also have sugar-free and Pareve-friendly candies.

One word came to mind to all of us as we browsed through Windy City Sweets: nostalgia. From candies we had long-forgotten, to different varieties of homemade fudge, toffee, dipped pretzels, and caramel apples — there is just something magical about a candy store!
In addition to their bulk candies, there are many other delicious treats at Windy City Sweets — nuts, malted milk balls (over 7 different kinds!), popcorn, truffles, and so much more… and we haven’t even talked their ice cream yet!

During the summer, Windy City Sweets has over 32 different flavors of ice cream and frozen yogurt to choose from. They also have a great selection of homemmade cones. And, of course, you can opt to have any of their ice cream made into a shake, float, or malt, although they are quite famous for their Banana Splits and hot fudge sundaes. Their ice cream comes from a dairy in Wisconsin and can also be purchased in pints or quarts! For the more health-conscious among us, they also make great smoothies!
If you’re looking for the perfect gift, Windy City Sweets also has some great gift items for kids of all ages. They also do up great Valentine’s Day gifts, Easter baskets, holiday gifts and more — they also ship most of their sweets and confections anywhere!

Windy City Sweets has been a neighborhood favorite for decades, and whether you’ve live in Chicago for a long time or have just moved here, you truly haven’t experienced the Lakeview neighborhood until you’ve paid them a visit.
Windy City Sweets is located at  3308 N. Broadway in Lakeview. Visit their website to learn more.
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