Why Renters Insurance Is Important For Chicago Renters

Chicago Apartments, Renter's Insurance

Ever drop your IPhone? Don’t you hate it when that happens? It’s scratched and scuffed-up and all the beauty is gone! Or the screen cracks! All downhill from there. But then you remember the insurance you bought. That’s right! That pesky little fee that hits your bill every month has finally paid off. Now you appreciate that $10 extra that comes out of your pocket for those ‘what if’ moments. You just take your precious mobile companion back to the Apple Store and, Ta-Da! It’s restored.
Now. Ever have that happen to your couch? Or your Bike? Or even your entire apartment? If you have, then you know the devastation that can happen when you cannot afford to replace the stuff that you have spent a lot of money on. You may have to shell out the big dollars to replace your damaged (or stolen) possessions if you want to get them back. Why not take the same approach you use protecting your phone, and protect your possessions with renters insurance?
Chicago Apartments, Renter's Insurance
Here’s a scenario:
Let’s say the gal in the upstairs apartment left her bath water running a little too long. She may have had a few too many glasses of rose and enjoyed the rushing of water into your apartment while she comfortably falls into a drunken slumber. The water flows into your apartment like a small Niagara Falls right onto your new Plasma TV. Needless to say, it’s ruined and $1500 is gone. While this is not your fault, you want your TV replaced, but your upstairs inconsiderate neighbor has no renter’s insurance. Let Farmers come to the rescue and save you from this hassle. You pay your deductible and Farmers replaces your TV.
Chicago Apartments, Renter's Insurance
With Renters from Farmers, you can protect your property. Whether the damage comes from Water, Fire, Theft, or Smoke, Farmers gets you back to where you belong. If your apartment is damaged beyond being hospitable, Farmers will also kick in a few bucks for you to stay somewhere else and provide money for food and other expenses.
Chicago Apartments, Renter's Insurance
Planned Property Management is teaming with Farmers local agent, Lisa Berens in Lincoln Park. Since she is nearby and from Chicago, you know you have easy access to help and assurance from a trusted insurance company. Lisa has worked with people throughout the Lincoln Park, Lakeview and Gold Coast communities and prides herself in everything insurance. That means, not only can she help protect your stuff, but also your car, life and business!
Written by our resident,
Lisa Berens

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