Where to Ride Your Bike in Chicago

Where to Ride Your Bike in Chicago

Chicago is a bike-friendly city filled with lots of cool places to explore on two wheels. Whether you’re an experienced cyclist or you just want to take a ride, there’s never been a better time to hop on your bike. We’re sharing our favorite cycling spots below. From the 606 to the Riverwalk, here’s where to ride your bike in Chicago.

Where to Ride Your Bike in Chicago

The 606

First up is the 606. Prior to its renovation, the 606 was an abandoned rail line. Nowadays, it offers 2.7 miles of trails that are perfect for cycling, both for recreational use or as an alternative form of transportation. Passing through several parks and overlooks, the 606 also offers green space for you to enjoy. Pack a picnic and plan for a day of riding and lounging in the park.

Lakefront Trail

Next on our list is the lakefront, which boasts 18.5 miles of gorgeous trails. Running from the south side to the north side of the city, the trails are perfect for jogging, walking, or cycling. As you ride through the trails, you’ll see gorgeous lake views on one side and Chicago’s stunning skyline on your other side. You’ll also pass museums, beaches, sculptures, and more.

North Branch Trail

For an all-day ride, plan to check out the 33-mile north branch trail. You can start or end at the Chicago Botanical Garden, depending on your location. Either way, you’ll whiz past the Chicago river and lots of scenic nature views on the easy-to-ride asphalt path.


Looking for a quick ride? Hop on your bike and ride along Chicago’s newly renovated 1.9-mile Riverwalk. Admire the city’s famed architecture and river views as you cycle under bridges and through the heart of downtown Chicago.

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