Here’s What To Watch This Weekend

What to Watch this Weekend

Looking to recharge this weekend? We’re all for being productive. But sometimes, you just need to veg out and relax. Binge-watching some good-quality entertainment is our go-to activity for when we need some R&R at home. But with so many options, picking what to watch can be overwhelming, to say the least. Luckily, we can help you pick out the good from the bad stuff so you don’t waste your time. Here’s what to watch this weekend.

What To Watch This Weekend

What To Watch This Weekend

Mad Men

Critically-acclaimed “Mad Men” has been off the air for just over five years, but it continues to be considered one of the top television shows of all time, even in the midst of the current show-boom. Unfortunately, it’s the latest work to enter the streaming service fight ring. The show will be leaving Netflix on June 9. Its future home is TBD. Catch it on Netflix while you can still watch it.


Comedian Rory Scovel stars in this hilarious Comedy Central show about a small-town, mildy-delusional guy with big dreams to become a basketball coach like his father. Robbie, the main character, works at an ice cream shop. And while his life isn’t exactly what he’s dreamed it to be, he is seemingly oblivious to his ridiculousness — until he finds out he’s a dad himself. Stream it for free on YouTube.


This documentary follows Michelle Obama on her book tour for her memoir of the same name. It’s an inspiring and intimate look at the former First Lady’s life before, during and after her time in the White House. The documentary is available on Netflix.

Space Force

Steve Carrell stars in this comedy series, which is co-created by another Office collaborator, Greg Daniels. Other stars include John Malcovich, Ben Schwartz from “Parks & Recreation” and “Friends”’ Lisa Kudrow. It’s streaming now on Netflix.

Douglas (Hannah Gadsby)

Fans of Hannah Gadsby’s Nanette, rejoice — she’s back with another special. In this one (named after her pup), Gadsby discusses issues intertwined in her identity, including her own autism diagnosis that came late in life. Catch it on Netflix.

The Vast of Night

Science fiction fans, don’t miss this new 1950s period film about two teens who investigate a mysterious frequency in they hear on the radio. Get ready for UFOs and “Twilight Zone” vibes. It’s streaming now on Amazon.


Academy Award-winning film Parasite is now streaming on Hulu.If you haven’t watched it yet, get ready for a dark, yet hilarious film that explores class conflict while showcasing stunning cinematography.

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