Enjoy These Beer Gardens, Even When It’s Raining

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Don’t let the possibility of rain dampen your good time.  Even in inclement weather, PPM has you covered.   Here are two great neighborhood bars with covered patios to keep the weekend fun no matter what the weather brings.

Galway Arms – 2442 N. Clark St. (Lincoln Park)

With Irish-American fare, a spacious covered patio, brunch, dinner, and a respectable whisky selection…we would say that Galway boasts everything a pub has to offer.   But even with its elegant, yet rustic décor, you won’t find pretentiousness here.  Stop in for a round or stay for a meal.  The kitchen is open late every night, and the bar stays open until 3 am on Saturdays.
Tip – The interior is so striking that you might hope for rain, just to have an excuse to sit inside.

Trader Todd’s – 3216 N. Sheffield Ave. (Lakeview)

Chicago Apartments, Lakeview Food, Beer Gardens, Trader Todd'sYou don’t find many karaoke bars in Chicago, yet Trader Todd’s lays claim to karaoke 7 nights a week.  With a catalog of 10,000 songs, there’s a tune for the rock star in all of us.  Recent renovations include the addition of a covered portion of the beer garden, and, our personal favorite, the SS Hi Sea, a land-locked sail boat with bar seating.   So, grab yourself a Naked Jamaican, one of Todd’s signature drinks, and sing until you’re heart’s content.  Too shy to sing?  That’s ok.  Tip the DJ well enough, and he just might serenade you with the song of your choosing.   Trader Todd’s is open until 2 am Sun-Fri and until 3 am on Sat.
Tip – If you’re practicing to be the next American Idol, come early.  Late nights at Trader Todd’s tend to get a little silly.
These are just two of the plethora of great bars located in PPM neighborhoods.  We’d love to hear which ones are your favorites.  Nonetheless, remember to stay cool, stay dry, and enjoy the weekend, no matter what the weather brings.

Donald Bibly
PPM Resident
515 Briar Property

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