What To Do At Home This Summer

indoor activities

The summer season looks different for many of us this year. Lots of our favorite summer pastimes just aren’t possible due to the COVID-19 crisis. While limited outdoor activities are an option, we’ll all be spending a lot more time inside our apartments this season. That doesn’t mean your summer has to be boring, though. You just have to think of some new ways to have summer fun, and we’ll help you do it. Here’s what to do at home this summer.

indoor activities

Try Indoor Gardening

Summer is a great time to explore the world of indoor gardening. If you’re just starting out, try growing your own herb garden. Or, bring home a new house plant or two and work on growing your green thumb. A few beginner-friendly house plants include peace lilies, money trees and aloe plants. You don’t even have to leave your apartment to shop for plants — here’s where you can order them online for delivery.

Get Fit At Home

Working out at home has never been easier. If you have internet access, then endless workout videos, tutorials and instructions are always available at your fingertips. You can even get a good cardio workout in at home with limited space. Here are some cardio moves you can do in any space.

Read Books

You don’t need sand or water to enjoy some good beach reads. Consider branching out into some new genres to make things more interesting. If you need somewhere to start, here’s our previous post on five black authors to check out this summer.

Get Crafty

Craft projects are fun in any season. You can get crafty at home this summer and make anything from DIY pour paintings for your apartment to embroidery designs that you can gift to friends and family. Pinterest is full of craft project tutorials, too.

Learn To Cook

Spend this summer mastering the art of cooking. You can learn the basics of chopping, slicing, sauteing, frying and other cooking skills through free online resources like YouTube cooking channels. Check out these easy summer recipes for some summertime dinner inspiration.

Commit To A Yoga Practice

Yoga is beneficial or your body and mind, and you can do it right at home. We recommend checking out Yoga With Adriene on YouTube for loads of beginner-friendly yoga videos, ranging from 7 minutes to hour-long practices. Here are some of our previous yoga posts:

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Try Meditation

Finally, we recommend learning how to meditate this summer. Meditation may not count as an “activity,” but if you haven’t tried it out yet, this season is the perfect time to give it a shot. Similarly to yoga, meditation is great for your mind, and it may help you relax. Don’t be intimidated — meditation isn’t about turning off your thoughts, it’s about learning to observe them in a new way instead of just reacting. Here’s our guide to meditation for beginners. 

indoor activities



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