Here’s What To Buy At The Dollar Store

We love a good deal around here. And when it comes to getting the most bang for your buck, dollar stores can be a great option. While it’s fun to splurge on special purchases once in a while, we see no reason to pay more for basic items. The trick to effectively shopping at a dollar store is to know what you’re buying beforehand, so you can avoid sorting through any junk you don’t need. Most dollar stores sell standard household items and goods that are the same quality you’d get elsewhere, at a much lower cost. To help you out, we’re sharing the items you should plan to purchase at a discount. Here’s what to buy at the dollar store for your apartment if you want to save big on basic home goods.

what to buy at the dollar store

What To Buy At The Dollar Store: Frames


Framed photos and prints can transform a basic apartment into a home. But frames can be expensive. If you’re looking for no-frills frames that get the job done, check out the selection at the dollar store. Whether you need large frames or tiny ones, dollar stores usually have a pretty good selection of sizes, styles and materials. Grab a few and print out some photos of loved ones for a budget-friendly apartment decor option.

what to buy at the dollar store

What To Buy At The Dollar Store: Storage Jars

Storage Jars

Storage and containers are essential to living a clutter-free, organized life at home. If you ask us, there’s no reason to spend a fortune on a bunch of fancy jars. As long as they’re sturdy and functional, cheap storage options work just as well as more expensive versions of the same container. Dollar stores often offer glass and plastic storage options, both of which can be great for different rooms in your home. We love using basic glass jars to store dry kitchen goods, while plastic storage bins are better for housing off-season clothes. Bonus: if they’re displayed nicely, glass storage jars can double as decor, too.

what to buy at the dollar store

What To Buy At The Dollar Store: Laundry Bags

Laundry Bags

If you aren’t using laundry bags, you should start now. Mesh laundry bags will protect your delicate items from getting ruined in the washing machine. We see no reason to pay a lot of money for a basic mesh bag. Snag yours at a dollar store — it’ll work just as well as a mesh bag purchased anywhere else.

What To Buy At The Dollar Store: Seasonal Decor

Seasonal Decor

It’s always fun to buy some new decorations for each holiday. But seasonal decorations can be costly, and prices can quickly add up. If you’re buying expensive holiday goods every year, you’ll be spending a good chunk of change. Instead of paying for pricey decorations, check out the dollar store’s selection of seasonal decor. Whether it’s Halloween or Valentine’s Day, you’ll likely find some great decor at a fraction of the cost of other shops. Small items in particular, like ornaments, are great dollar store finds.

what to buy at the dollar store

What To Buy At The Dollar Store: Party Decor

Party Goods

When it comes to party decor, the dollar store should be your go-to. From traditional party decorations, like streamers and balloons, to necessities like paper plates, disposable utensils and party straws, dollar stores usually boast a great selection of stuff to choose from. If you’re entertaining at your apartment, you’ll probably be spending money on food and drinks, so it’s nice to be able to save some cash by grabbing your party goods at a discount.


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