We’re Seriously Easy to Talk To – PPM Chicago Apartments Blog

Here at PPM it truly is our goal to make renting a Chicago apartment with us the best possible experience for every single one of our residents.  And since the only way to do that is by listening, we have just fallen in love with social media and how it lets our residents communicate with us.


For example, if someone had a question about an apartment, they could tweet to us.

Or, if they wanted to tell us about some of the great things our engineers do, they could post it on our Facebook timeline.

If they wanted to let others know what they think of us, there’s a (Facebook) app for that.


 We even address questions and concerns on our YouTube channel.

Plus we love it when you check-in and leave tips on our buildings on Foursquare.  AND we’re even in the process of building our own Pinterest pinboards (though we have to admit, that one is just for fun).  So if you have a comment, question, or even *gasp* a complaint, let us know.  We promise to listen.


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