3 Waterfalls Near Chicago to Visit This Spring

There’s nothing quite like a natural waterfall. One of nature’s most stunning gifts, the sight of water cascading into glassy pools is truly awe-inspiring. If you live in Chicago, you won’t have to travel too far to see some of the most breathtaking falls in the state. Plan a day trip and check out any of these waterfalls near Chicago for a mini-escape from the city this spring. 

waterfalls near chicago

Rocky Glen Waterfall

Located in the 2,053-acre forest preserve of Waterfall Glen, Rocky Glen waterfall is a must-see natural wonder. In addition to its famed falls, the area boasts hiking trails, hilly terrain, and the Sawmill Creek bluff overlook.

waterfalls near chicago

Starved Rock State Park

Starved Rock is Illinois’ top destination for hidden waterfalls, which can be found within the park’s ten stunning canyons. French Canyon is a popular spot for sliding along the falls’ slippery rocks. Wildcat Canyon and French Canyon also both feature falls — but beware, they can dry up in the summer if there hasn’t been any rain. To be on the safe side, contact the park ahead of time.

waterfalls near chicago 

Cascade Falls in Matthiessen State Park

Matthiessen State Park is just a few miles south of Starved Rock, and it’s worth the trip. Cascade Falls, one of the most stunning waterfalls near Chicago, is located here. It’s seasonal, which makes it extra special. Be sure to visit in the spring before it dries up in July.

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