Wall of Fame: John Strain of 632-42 W. Addison

Our engineers truly are the backbone of Planned Property.  They work hard to ensure that our buildings are in top shape on a daily basis.  We are proud of all of the hard work they do, and love the positive feedback you send letting us know how much you appreciate them also.  Because of that, for this Wall of Fame we solute John Strain.   John is the engineer at our 632-42 W. Addison property.  Here’s what a resident at John’s building has to say about him.

Hello Management,
I simply wanted to express my thanks and gratitude for our building’s maintenance engineer. I currently live at  (the  632-42 W. Addison St. property) and have lived in various rentals across the country. John is the best maintenance man I have encountered. He keeps the building in fabulous shape, keeping the sidewalks shoveled even in the blizzard and planting the beautiful flowers all around the courtyard. When we first moved in, we have some circuit breaker trouble, and John explained what appliances to use where to prevent it from happening again. Whenever anything goes wrong, he calls back and fixes it that same day.
So, I just wanted to thank you for employing quality people. John is a very dedicated worker and we are happy he is in charge of our building.

Thank you, John.  You are truly appreciated.
If you would like to honor your engineer, or anyone at your building, let us know.  Send us an email to management@ppmapartments.com and you just might see them on the next Wall of Fame.

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  1. John did it again. He came to our rescue hours before we left for Christmas vacation with our family. Needless to say, we were impressed and very appreciative. Thanks again!

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