Wall of Fame: Facebook Fan-Tastic

Here’s some of the great things our Facebook fans have to say

“…they are wonderful in accommodating the residents requests. I definitely recommend PPM.” ~ Christina T.
“Our building’s maintenance engineer…He’s fabulous and I want you to know it!” ~ Meagan C.
“2756 N Pine Grove has the best building engineer in Lincoln Park/Lake View !!! Great job Marcel !!! ~ Dutchie S.
“(Our engineer) makes me feel safe and always goes out of his way to help me in any way he can.” ~ Jackie M.
“I love PPM! They got me a great apartment today. ~ Kristen V.

We love the compliments, they’re Fan-tastic. That’s why this week’s Wall of Fame goes out to you, our Facebook fans.  We really do strive to be the best in apartment rentals and we appreciate your support.  Also, thank you to all of our residents for making our buildings such great places to live.


If you’re not one of our Facebook fans, and you’d like to be, click HERE

0 thoughts on “Wall of Fame: Facebook Fan-Tastic

  1. Love the Dog Park at 1000 North Lasalle!!! We have the nicest maintenance, doormen/women and Victoria always is quick with responses to any questions. They all constantly have smiles on their faces and ask how you are doing, etc. This is, without a doubt, the best place I’ve ever lived!!

  2. PPM does a great job of keeping the buildings informed of upcoming work as well as emergency work. Keep it up!!!
    PS: Thanks for solving the bike issue at 638 W Addison!

  3. 1000 N Lasalle is probably THE most dog friendly building in Chicago! Love the dog park and all of our two and four legged neighbors!

  4. I agree! Our building engineer Robert is the BEST! I am so happy to be able to get things fixed in a timely manner and never have to worry. PPM is the best.

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