PPM Video Contest

Calling all Spielbergs & Amateur Video Makers! If you have a professional video camera or a phone camera or even a camera your grandma left you 10 years ago, boy do we have a contest for you!
If your video “WOWs” us you can win one of the below money prizes:

$1500 (1st place)

$750 (2nd place)

$500 (3rd place)

Watch the intro video below of our own “PPM Dan” making the official contest announcements!

Listen & Download the full 60 second song directly from this link: http://ge.tt/923ZhP4 – Here, you will also find additional pictures, which you can use, but it is not mandatory.
Now of course, like with everything in this world, we have to attach a few rules / regulations:

Rules & Regulations:

1. You MUST use the full 60 second song in your video. Video(s) MUST be submitted by JUNE 30, 2011.
2. Once you have submitted the video, PPM holds the rights to use the video however it sees fit.
3. You have creative license for the video. It can be stop-motion, animated, picture-only or your own unique footage, again, creative license is yours.
4. Video footage and content cannot defame any person or company name.
5. There is no limit to how many video entries you can make! The more you submit, the better your chances!

To Submit The Video:

1. You may email the video to management@ppmapartments.com (if it is under 10 MB).
2. You may upload the video to dropbox or ge.tt and email the video link to management@ppmapartments.com.
3. If you have other submission questions, email management@ppmapartments.com with subject line: Video Contest Questions

Be Creative, Have Fun & Show Us What You Got!

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