3 Heart-Shaped Valentine’s Day Dinner Recipes

valentine's day dinner recipes

Nothing says “I love you” like a home-cooked meal. This February 14, prepare a romantic three-course spread for your favorite person with these heart-shaped Valentine’s Day dinner recipes. For more Valentine’s Day inspiration, check out our list of at-home date night ideas!

Appetizer: Heart-Shaped Caprese Phyllo Cups

First, start your meal with these heart-shaped Caprese phyllo cups, which feature a tasty filling of tomatoes, basil, and tiny cheese hearts. These cute little cups only take a few minutes to make, but they pack delicious flavor into bite-sized portions.

Main Course: Homemade Heart-Shaped Pizza

When it comes to Valentine’s Day dinner recipes, you can’t go wrong with the classic heart-shaped pizza. This recipe includes a homemade crust, but you can simplify with ready-made dough. Heart-shaped pepperoni are the perfect topping here! Feel free to get creative by experimenting with your loved one’s favorite pizza add-ons, too. If your guest is vegetarian, swap out the pepperoni for veggies.

Dessert: Heart-Shaped Cake

And now, the best part — dessert! Finish your romantic meal with this indulgent chocolate cake and rich homemade cream cheese frosting. Don’t worry, it doesn’t require any special baking skills. If you have some basic square and round cake pans, you’ll be good to go!

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