Useful Clothes Hanger Hacks That You Should Know


Did you know clothes hangers are good for more than just organizing your closet? While decluttering your apartment, wait a moment before you toss any extra clothes hangers you may have. Wire, wood, or plastic clothes hangers can all be multifunctional. Check out a few of our favorite clothes hanger hacks below, and try some of them out in your own apartment.


Paper Towel Hanger

Instead of purchasing a paper towel holder, you can just use a clothing hanger. You’ll need to cut the hanger in half so you can place the paper towel roll on it. You can then reattach the wire so your paper towels can hang off of it.


Hang Your Hand Towels

Clothes hangers can also serve as makeshift towel hangers. Place the clothing hanger on a hook near your sink for an easy hand-towel hanger solution. We recommend using a wooden hanger for this hack, although plastic or wire will also work.

Help Out Houseplants

There’s no need to purchase additional support for your plants if you have any excess hangers around. Wire hangers can be used to assist slumping houseplants. Cut and bend them to the shape you need to support small stems or vines.


Dry Your Herbs

If you have a mini herb garden in your apartment, you can use your wire hanger to dry out your herbs. Simply clip your sprigs and hang them upside down from the bottom of the hanger with twine or string. Similarly, you can cut the hanger and use the wire to create a long stem to hang your herbs from. Bonus: Going off of the natural trend for spring, this can make a beautiful natural home decoration as well.


If none of these hacks apply to your needs, don’t just throw away those extra hangers—donate them! Places like nursing homes, thrift stores, and shelters can always use donations. Put your extra hangers to good use even if you aren’t the one using them.