Upcycle Project: Wine Cork Potholder or Wall Hanging

This project seemed like the perfect start to my adventure in Upcycling because I have a lot of two things in my apartment: wine and photos.
The end product doesn’t have to be used as a potholder – you can also hang it in the kitchen as homemade art work.
For this project you need very few supplies (and little to no money depending on what you already have around your house).
Supplies needed: picture frame (I chose to use a 5×7 I had around my apartment – any color or size frame will do!)
A screwdriver, 20-25 wine corks (this is the amount needed for a 5×7 size frame as pictured above),
Finally either a hot glue gun with glue sticks or super glue.
STEP ONE: Completely take apart your frame so that only the outside remains. Remove the backing completely (this is where you may need the screwdriver).
STEP TWO: Arrange (WITHOUT GLUING!) your wine corks within the frame to decide on a design and determine where the corks will fit before you start to glue.
STEP THREE: Once you’ve decided on a layout, remove the corks and recreate the same layout, this time adding glue. It worked best for me when I put glue on the edges of the frame where I was about to play a cork, as well as the edges of the cork. Do this until you’ve filled your frame.
STEP FOUR: Decide what to do with your wine cork frame! Use it in the kitchen as a potholder, hang it on the wall, or even use it as a mini corkboard. An old frame, left over wine corks and a little glue is all you need to create a creative piece for your apartment – for free!!
Upcycling is a great way to be green while giving your apartment a few creative touches. If you have an idea for an upcycle project that you would like to see us do, please feel free to leave a comment!
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