Uber in Chicago

It’s likely that you’re familiar with Uber if you live in Chicago. You can summon a car at the touch of a button and it’s probably going to get you to your desired location for less than a taxi would cost. But Uber has been in the news lately for more than just low fares and getting a ride fast – there’s a little drama surrounding the company and we’re here to break down what it means for you.
• Uber is a company that provides tons of job opportunities (just ask your next Uber driver how they feel about what the company is doing for local economies and you’ll get an earful, I’m sure of it).
• Uber is also providing much-needed competition to the taxicab industry. I mean, I don’t know how many times I’ve gotten out of a cab and felt ripped off, but is there another option besides the bus? Nope. Until now.
• Another great thing about Uber is your ability to rate drivers and their ability to rate you. A driver told me about a terrible customer he reported to Uber and was pleasantly surprised to get quick action from the company which told him that user has had multiple bad reviews and would no longer be able to use the service. Which is a great relief for not only drivers but other customers who get a bad driver and complain.

• So if it’s so great, what’s the problem? Well, some special interest groups and politicians aren’t happy. The taxicab industry supports many of these people and groups and Uber threatens that.
• Currently, there is an ordinance in Chicago that protects ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft. But there is a bill that has not yet been approved or vetoed by Governor Quinn that would effectively eliminate ridesharing in Chicago.

• What is the concern? The concern is obviously the threat to the taxi industry but also the ownership of the vehicles used in the ridesharing as well as the amount of insurance they are required to carry. Anti-Uber arguments are that the ridesharing company doesn’t do enough to monitor or regulate and thus makes it unsafe for consumers.
• Uber says otherwise by providing on their website all their requirements. All drivers go through a background check, they’re all required to carry commercial liability insurance, and not using cash protects riders.
• There is so much information in the news and who you vote for can affect these issues as well as other legislation going on in Chicago. It’s important that you read up and get informed about issues that matter to you whether you feel that Uber is great or unsafe, you can make a change because your vote matters.

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