Twelve Bars of Christmas – TBOX

Chicago is known for a lot of things; from our amazing sports teams to our incredible food. One just cannot list all that makes Chicago great. Yet something that always stands out is the city’s ambition to have FUN and bar crawls are no exception.
With the holiday’s in full swing, one bar crawl stands above the rest and if you’re like us here in Lakeview you probably know what we’re talking about. You guessed it, “Twelve Bars of Christmas” baby or TBOX for short. Now if you’re like us and have been going for years, you know what all the hype is about. So let’s say you don’t know and let’s pretend for a moment you have never heard of Twelve Bars of Christmas. Well then you’re in luck because we are about to break down the what’s what of one of Chicago’s most remarkable bar crawls.
First though let’s rewind a bit to the origins of this annual Lakeview pub crawl. “Twelve Bars of Christmas” first started in 1996 by our very own Chicagoan Christopher Festa. TBOX is held every year in Wrigleyville and consists of 40 bars and pubs starting at Clark and Addison that travels west. It’s so big and so crazy that a bar can be known to carry more than 40 kegs in anticipation. Just last year it was estimated that over 20,000 attended TBOX becoming the unofficial largest pub crawl in the United States! It has provided local businesses with abundant exposure and a portion of the proceeds go to helping local and national charities. This year’s proceeds will go on to benefit the Lakeview Pantry Food Bank and Huger Assistance Center. So it’s not only the most amazing pub crawl but also a charitable Chicago donator!

Alright enough of what TBOX is let’s get into what you need to know before you head out Saturday morning. First and foremost this is not a drinking race it’s more of a let’s say, marathon. If you drink hard liquor you’re gonna have a bad time!

Stick to beer and pace yourself, you will thank us later in the day. That being said, bring a lot of single bills as you can purchase beer as you walk into every bar for $3!

Dressing up is a must! If you haven’t put together a costume, you will regret it tomorrow morning. So dress to Santa impress. Chicago Costume is the official TBOX spot to get your costume located at 1120 W. Fullerton and 4727 W. Montrose.

Do not forget your flight badge (ticket) as well as this year’s wrist band. If you haven’t purchased one yet you can do so here and pick up your gear tomorrow morning at O’Malley’s.

Dress warm, as a lot of your time will be spent outside walking from bar to bar. Bring a box of cereal. It’s a TBOX tradition to fling, crunch, and pour cereal onto random people you meet not to mention it’s a lot of fun!
Be safe! Chicago police officers will be many so if you ever see yourself in a situation, grab a bouncer or an officer. When people “situation” drink, sometimes moments can get heated especially in crowed areas.

Finally, have FUN! Make sure you meet up with your friends before you get to TBOX as they are expecting 40,000 people this year. Opening ceremony starts 8am at Cubby Bear. Make sure to get there early.
Well that’s basically everything you need to know about TBOX. Now go get your costume ready and get some sleep you have a big day tomorrow!
For more info on TBOX click here! Also if you haven’t already make sure to check out our latest blog on December in the Windy City!

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