Try The 3/3 Vertical Rule In Your Apartment

Chicago Apartments, 3/3 Vertical Rule

When it comes to interior decor inspiration, the theme of nature is one that’s revisited often. The natural world offers endless inspiration, from sunset-inspired color palettes to sustainable decor options. Interior designers have coined what’s known as the 3/3 vertical rule, thanks to nature. This rule suggests taking nature’s lead and decorating your home with the darkest hues on the bottom, lighter tones in the middle ground, and the lightest hues on top. This look mirrors the palettes found in the natural world.

To implement this interior decor tip in your own apartment, choose a rug that’s a dark color.  For furniture that’s close to the ground, like a coffee table or ottoman, keep it dark. Next, choose a medium tone for your couch, chairs, shelves, and other mid-level items. If you have white walls, you can choose to keep them that way or pick another light color to emulate the look of the outdoors.

Check out some examples of the 3/3 vertical rule done right below. For more decor inspiration, check out our favorite spring 2019 decor trends.

Chicago Apartments, One-Bedroom, 3/3 Vertical Rule

Layering these shades of grey creates a cohesive, ombre-inspired aesthetic.


Chicago Apartments, Bedroom, 3/3 Vertical Rule

A dark bedroom rug looks best paired with bedding of a slightly lighter shade(s), as seen here.


Chicago Apartments, Living Room, 3/3 Vertical Rule

We like the earthy feel of this deep blue rug paired with the lighter beige couch and off-white walls.

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