Simple Tips for Training Your Cat

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Does your kitty have some bad manners? You may be surprised to learn cats can be trained. We didn’t say it was easy, but it’s possible to train your kitty to behave better in your apartment. Here are some simple tips that will help with training your cat.

Reward Positives, Ignore Negatives

Whether it’s the kitchen table or a new piece of furniture, cats love going where they don’t belong. There may be a reason behind this, though. When your cat makes herself comfortable in an off-limits spot, you probably go to scoop them up and remove them. Unfortunately, this actually rewards your cat for bad behavior. The next time you find your cat in an unwanted place, try ignoring them. Without your attention, that spot will get boring for your cat—fast.

Use Clickers and Treats

Similarly to dogs, cats are motivated by food, so one way to train them is by using a reinforcement tool for positive behavior. Cats also like pleasing noises. Try investing in a clicker or make a clicking sound with your mouth to reward good behavior.

No Punishments

Punishments will only scare your cat and create anxiety, which often leads to more unwanted behavior. Focus on the positives while training your cat, and don’t punish them for mistakes along the way.


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