Keep Pets Away from These Toxic House Plants

toxic house plants

If you ask us, you can never have too many house plants in your apartment. It may come as a surprise, though, that some of the trendiest house plants are dangerous to cats and dogs. If you’re a pet parent, you’re going to want to skip these toxic house plants and opt for pet-friendly house plants instead.

toxic house plants


Philodendrons are low-maintenance house plants, which makes them a popular choice for apartment dwellers. But if a cat or dog decides to nibble its leaves, philodendrons may cause bad side effects ranging in severity from vomiting to seizures. It’s best to skip philodendrons if you’re a pet parent.

toxic house plants


Aloe is another easy-to-care-for plant that’s unfortunately toxic to cats and dogs. While the “gel” inside aloe is safe for pups, chewing on the plant may cause vomiting and diarrhea. If you need sunburn relief, stick with the bottled stuff this summer to stay on the safe side.

pet plant safety


If you’re a cat parent, you should know that lilies are dangerous to felines. Both Easter and Stargazer lilies can be fatal to kitties, so keep them away from your apartment this spring.

these house plants are dangerous to pets

Pothos Ivy

Next on our roundup of toxic house plants is the pothos. Since they’re typically hanging plants, you may be able to keep a pothos out of your pet’s reach. However, ingesting it will give your cat or dog an irritated mouth, which won’t be fun for you or your pet. We suggest skipping this one.

keep pets away from these house plants


Finally, cats and dogs may vomit or get diarrhea after ingesting a jade plant’s leaves. Jade also poses a lesser known danger to pets: depression. Opt for other house plants to keep your pets happy and healthy. When you’re ready to plant shop, check out our previous post one where to buy plants online.

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