Tips For Squeezing A Workspace Into Your Small Apartment

Chicago Apartments, Workplace at Home

Small space living can come with some sacrifices. Limited space may cause you to forgo some at-home luxurious. You may assume that a home office is something only large homeowners can enjoy, but we’re here to tell you that’s not the case. While a spacious home office may not be possible in a tiny apartment, you can still set up a workspace that will help you stay productive when you’re working from home. We promise you’ll get more done at a desk than from your bed or couch. Check out our tips for creating a workspace in your small apartment below.

Chicago Apartments, Workplace at Home

Define The Area


You don’t need to have separate rooms to define your apartment’s space. If you live in a studio or a one-bedroom apartment, there are tricks to defining your layout so that it visually makes sense. One way to do this is to use color when setting up your work-from-home space. For example, creating a statement nook or statement wall with paint, wallpaper, or temporary wallpaper can help to define your workspace from the rest of your apartment. Another way to do this is to invest in some room dividers. These can provide some added privacy as well.

Chicago Apartments, Workplace at Home

Make it Multi-Functional


When you live in a small space, multifunctional furniture is essential. This is especially true when you’re creating a home office space. Instead of purchasing several pieces of bulky furniture, look for a desk that’s multifunctional and has built-in storage areas. If you don’t have room for a separate desk, using a table you already have can work just fine. The key is to get as much as you can out of a few furniture pieces as possible.

Chicago Apartments, Workplace at Home

Go Vertical


If you’re tight on space, consider thinking vertically. There’s likely a lot of empty wall space in your apartment no matter that you can utilize for your workspace. Pieces like floating shelves or wall-mounted desks make it easy to add functional furniture to your apartment without taking up more floor space.

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