Tips For Reading Your Cat’s Body Language


Cats have reputations for being aloof and mysterious. Unlike dogs, cats are fairly independent, so they typically don’t communicate with humans in the same obvious ways that their canine counterparts do. While you may not be able to read your cat’s mind, felines do give us some subtle clues as to what they’re thinking. You just have to know what to look for. Here are some tips for reading your cat’s body language so you can have a better idea of what your feline friend is thinking.


Your Cat’s Tail


One of the biggest indicators of your cat’s inner thoughts is his or her tail. Generally, you’ll notice that your cat’s tail will be pointed upward. This is a sign that she is content and healthy. If your cat’s tail is pointed down towards the ground, this could imply she feels threatened and fearful. While a dog will wag its tail to show excitement, a cat’s wagging tail is usually a sign of annoyance or agitation. If you see that your cat doing this, it’s probably best to leave her alone for the time being.

Your Cat’s Eyes

You can tell a lot about how your cat is feeling by looking into her eyes. When your cat’s eyes are droopy and half-closed, it means she’s happy and content. On the other hand, if her eyes are wide and her pupils appear to be dilated, it’s likely that she’s feeling surprised and is on high alert. If your cat is gazing at your while blinking slowly, take comfort in knowing that she is feeling safe and is enjoying your company. In fact, some people say this is how your cat is telling you she loves you. However, if you catch your cat staring you down, she may be trying to challenge you to a competition.

Your Cat’s Poses

Your cat will let you know how she’s feeling by twisting her body into different poses. The infamous “Halloween” style pose, where her back is arched and her claws are out, is a good indication that your cat feels threatened and may be in attack mode. If your cat displays this pose, it’s best to stay away until she’s calmed down to avoid any scratches. On the opposite end of the spectrum, a cat who wants attention will often lay on her back and present her belly to you in hopes that you’ll rub her!