Tips For Making Your Studio Apartment Look Spacious


Studios may be the smallest apartment size available, but that doesn’t mean they’re destined to look cramped. There are many simple hacks that you can use to make your studio appear more spacious. Try one or all of these simple tricks for making your studio apartment look larger and roomier than it actually is.

Mirrors Are Your Friend

Mirrors are able to trick the eye into making a room appear wider. They can easily open up a tight space by creating an illusion that the room stretches further than it actually does. A large hanging mirror will do this well, as will a cluster of smaller mirrors arranged gallery-style on a wall. Another option is to find a larger mirror and set it on the floor to create more depth. Head to your local thrift shops for cheap mirrors and play around with their set up to visually open up your apartment’s space.

Let There Be Light

In small apartments, light is your friend. PPM apartments offer lots of natural light, and you can use it to your advantage. Instead of covering windows with thick curtains, try sheer versions that provide privacy without blocking out the sun’s rays. The more light that’s present in your apartment, the airier and roomier it will feel.

Say Yes to Stripes

Ask any fashion stylist and he or she will tell you that vertical stripes can create the illusion of a slimmer figure, while horizontal stripes will widen a person. The same rule applies to home décor. If you want to elongate a room, choose a striped rug that will trick the eye into thinking the area is more spacious than it really is. The “stripes” trick can also be applied to curtains or even a piece of wall art.

Decorate with Neutrals

Dark colors tend to make rooms seem smaller. To avoid the look of a tight space, decorate your studio with light, neutral colors and soft hues. This doesn’t mean your décor has to be bland. Try adding pops of color in the form of a statement piece, such as a pillow or vase, to your neutral-hued room to make it feel fresh.