Tips For Cutting Time Off Of Your Morning Routine

We’ve all been there. You roll over after waking up, open your eyes, and immediately jump out of bed after realizing you’re running very, very late. Oversleeping is a good way to ruin your morning and most likely the rest of your day. While getting to bed earlier and setting numerous alarms can help save you from doing this on the daily, another way to protect yourself from rushed mornings is to shave some time off your morning routine by preparing beforehand. Here are a few simple ways you can cut time off your morning routine.


Sleep In Your Workout Gear

After waking up each morning, getting your blood flowing is important. That’s why we recommend doing a workout each morning, such as a short yoga flow. To cut time off your morning routine, sleep in your workout gear or yoga clothes. That way, you’ll wake up ready to jump out of bed and get moving without having to change. Comfy leggings and a soft t-shirt work just fine for both sleeping and working out.

Time Your Showers

If you’re like us, you can easily spend an hour or more in the shower. Bathing is like a mini spa session, and it feels extra nice on cold winter mornings. This can lead to late mornings even if you don’t oversleep your alarm. Protect yourself from showers that drag on too long by setting a timer. Try to fit your morning shower routine into a five or even 10-minute session. Once you do it a few times, it’ll become easier for you to do each morning.


Shorten Your Beauty Routine

If you’re a makeup lover, putting on your everyday look each morning can take up a big chunk of time. One way to cut time off your morning routine is to try using multipurpose makeup products. For example, Glossier’s balm dot com is a skin salve and lip balm, allowing you to solve two problems with one product. This cuts down on time and costs, too. They key is to find products that have multiple functions.


Choose Your Outfit Beforehand

If you don’t already do this, now is the time to start. Choosing your clothes the night before, or even for the whole week ahead, will save you a lot of time each morning. Outfit decisions can cause anxiety and stress, which you want to reduce at the start of your day. Pick your clothes out beforehand to avoid any last minute issues or “wardrobe malfunctions.”