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Chicago Apartments, Gold Coast, Open Door Policy

Being this is my first entry I thought I would write a little about what I do and where I do it. The ‘what’ of what a Doorman does is at face value simply defined. A familiar, smiling face to greet and give you a hand with your things. Sure the Doorman does those things but perhaps he does more. For thirty seconds every day we share a little something. What that something is, is more complicated because each interaction is tailored to the residents wants and needs. That attention to service is the backbone of the social living community that is Planned Property Management.
Social living community? Sounds like a handful of buzz words, right? I might have agreed before I became part of the Planned Property team that it was just hype but after spending time as part of the community it is more than superficial text. New friends are made every day in my lobby as they walk out the front door and out into the neighborhood; a neighborhood that is filled with nightlife, restaurants and shopping. That neighborhood is the Gold Coast neighborhood. A gathering place for intelligent people of all ages to converge and share ideas while making new acquaintances. With public transportation and a seeming endless supply of taxis, this is an ideal place to live, work and play.
1133 N. Dearborn Apartments are city living but with a twist. Ample chances abound to spend time in the outdoors. Parks, trails and trees galore, are all just steps outside the front door. The lake front trail that stretches up Lake Michigan’s breathtaking lake side is ideal for biking or making your way to the Oak Street Beach, one of the most popular beaches by the lake. You can also take the path to the Lincoln Park Zoo one of the countries only free zoos. Hope to see you in the neighborhood.
– Aaron McGaW

Chicago Apartments, Gold Coast, Open Door Policy

Gold Coast Neighborhood

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