This Fall & Winter, Keep Your Packages Safe!

Chicago Apartments, Package Safety

The Holidays are coming up, and soon it will be the season of giving!

Lots of online orders and packages will be coming in from all over the country!

Apartment buildings all over the city of Chicago will be receiving package after package!

So with all this holiday hustle, bustle and hullabaloo, how do you ensure your packages are safe?

Well, PPM has some advice for you!

Receiving Rooms

Chicago Apartments, Package Safety

Here at PPM, we listen to our residents. All buildings have a receiving room, or a place to pick up packages when they arrive. USPS, FedEx and UPS all have access to our receiving rooms! Wherever it’s possible, we have someone hold your package.


Chicago Apartments, Package Safety, Amazon

If you’re ordering from Amazon, consider using an Amazon Drop off location! A quick google search reveals about twenty different Amazon Lockers all on Chicago’s North Side! A new one just opened up at 2728 N Clark St.

That’s right by Clark & Diversey!

Request A Signature

Chicago Apartments, Package Safety

No better way to ensure your package has been delivered than to have someone sign for it! It’s quick and easy.

Schedule A Delivery

Chicago Apartments, Package Safety

Working from home on the 19th? Why not have a package delivered? Scheduling a delivery for a day that works for you is the easiest way to ensure your package gets right where it needs to be!

Let Us Know

Chicago Apartments, Package Safety

If you live with PPM, we will do everything we can to make sure you get your package. So if you’re worried about receiving a shipment, give us a call! Our offices are open, and our building engineers are always willing to lend a hand!

Hopefully these steps will help all of us have a wonderful and happy holiday season. Thanks for reading and thanks for living with PPM apartments! Make sure to checkout our latest blog on True Food Kitchen!

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