Things You Should Never Flush Down Your Toilet

Chicago Apartments, Flushing Tips

Your toilet is really only designed to dispose of human waste and the associated toilet tissues.
(And, it should be noted, we’re pretty lucky in that regard—many sewer systems can’t handle toilet paper and you have to dispose of it in the trash!)
Really, anything else shouldn’t be disposed of down the toilet.
Here are some of the things you should definitely avoid putting down the toilet.
So lets take a look at our list of what not to flush.

Diapers and Cat Litter

Chicago Apartments, Flushing Tips
These are designed to be alternatives to using the toilet. Once a kid is potty trained, their waste goes down the toilet, but diapers aren’t designed to be flushed. And cat litter is designed to be very absorbent, so when it gets in your toilet it can turn into a solid mass of clay that is very difficult to remove.

Kitchen Waste

Chicago Apartments, Flushing Tips
Grease and other food wastes should be disposed of in different ways and very rarely should they go down the drains—and that includes kitchen garbage disposals, if you have one. Collect grease in cans or bottles and dispose of in the trash. Vegetable food wastes should be disposed of in the trash or for composting. Bones, fat, and gristle from meat should also go in the trash.

Tampons and Sanitary Napkins

Chicago Apartments, Flushing Tips
These are also not designed to be disposed of in the toilet. They are, like cat litter, very absorbent and can swell and collect grease to form major clogs.


Chicago Apartments, Flushing Tips
Some hair is going to go down the drain when you bathe, shave, or shower. But if you are emptying a hair brush or cutting your hair, put that hair in the trash and not in the toilet. It can collect with grease and form major clogs

Dental Floss

Chicago Apartments, Flushing Tips
Dental floss isn’t biodegradable, and it can collect grease just like hair does.


Chicago Apartments, Flushing Tips
These are also not biodegradable and shouldn’t be flushed down the toilet. Put these in the trash.

Medications and Drug Paraphernalia

Chicago Apartments, Flushing Tips
Medications contaminate our water supply. If you have medications you need to get rid of, there are many places that will take them and dispose of them properly. Drug paraphernalia is of course illegal and you may think the toilet is a good place to dispose of it, but if it gets clogged and you have to have the plumber clear it, you haven’t really disposed of it, have you?
There are also many things that are labeled “flushable” that really aren’t. As a general rule, don’t flush it unless it’s your waste or toilet paper.
At Planned Property management, we work hard to maintain our Chicago apartments, and a big part of that is prevention. We ask all our residents to do their part and follow these guidelines.

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