The Wall Of Fame: 544 W. Melrose

We’ve got another praise report! We must be doing something right if our tenants are constantly flooding us with positive reviews!
This one comes from 544 W. Melrose and it’s filled with love for OVI, the building’s engineer.
Ovi is extremely helpful and responsive whenever problems for our tenants arise, not to mention there isn’t another building on the block that looked cleaner than 544 Melrose during the snow storm. Well, actually 450 Melrose and 537 Melrose also looked spotless, but what do you expect, they’re PPM buildings with amazing building engineers!
Read below to see what two of our tenants had to say about OVI:

I want to take this opportunity to praise one gentleman here, Ovi, the building superintendent. He has been extremely kind, considerate and helpful. At the first drop of snow he is out front shoveling the walks and responded very quickly when we were cold in our unit. The portable radiator he supplied, along with the caulking of the windows, worked wonders in raising the comfort level.
Thank you and we will keep in touch,
Sanford B. and Michael S.
544 W. Melrose Tenants

We’re extremely proud of OVI and we can’t wait to share other amazing stories with you as well, and believe us, we’ll have plenty more!
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