The Wall Of Fame: 515 W. Barry

As I’m sure you all know by now, when residents take the time to write us a thank you note or when they take the time to write any kind words, we are extremely grateful. Lately, we’ve been getting them in various ways; be it on our Facebook Page, or maybe as a mention in a Tweet on Twitter, or even as a comment under one of our YouTube videos. We also get them through conventional ways like email, handwritten letters or Yelp & CitySearch, but some of our residents are so social media savvy that they skip the “old school” methods and reach us through our online profiles! Way to go social media savvy residents, way to go!
Here is what Michelle had to say about Marin, our amazing building engineer at 515 Barry:

I just wanted to write to tell you about my great experiences with PPM. I lived at 515 W Barry Ave #264 for 2 years and Marin was a wondering maintenance person. He played a big part in me staying with PPM. I currently Live at 1120 N LaSalle.
An example of Marin going above and beyond his responsibility:
One Sunday I put some jeans in the washer before bed but then fell asleep and forgot to go get them. I flew out the next day for the week so my jeans would have had to stay in the washer for an entire week and most likely would not have been there when I got back. I called Marin, he offered to put my jeans in the dryer and then into my apartment. He put my jeans in my apartment and hung them up.
I don’t know if there are any awards he can win for great service or maybe just a thank you but he is a great PPM employee.

If you think that’s great, feel free to read other amazing stories from residents from our WALL OF FAME Category!
For more info, pictures & floor plans for 515 W. Barry, CLICK HERE.

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