The Wall Of Fame: 455 Wellington

Everyone likes hearing good news, right? Well I know we love sharing good news. Please find a very kind letter from one of our great residents at 455 W. Wellington.

I just wanted to send a quick note about how much I have appreciated the work and assistance of my building engineer, John. Over the past three years that I have been at the apartment, John has taken great care of the building
-consistently keeping the entry way clean, the hallways clean -maintaining doors and lock equipment that has failed -keeping elevators in service -beautifying the front of the building with flowers -keeping the grass and sidewalks clean and free of snow (in the winter) -policing the parking lot in the back -maintaining heat (providing a space heater when needed) -getting the windows replaced in the third year
As I depart, I just wanted John to receive some recognition for why the apartment was a good fit for me over the last three years. :

We are extremely proud of John and look forward to sharing more great stories with you!

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