The T-Shirt Designs are in, Now It’s Time to VOTE!

Chicago Apartments, T-Shirt Designs

Thank you to all who submitted designs for our Original T-Shirt Contest. The entries were amazing and exceeded our expectations both in number and in quality.  It’s been very hard, but we narrowed it down to the top 20.  Now we need your input to help find the top 3, which are going to be used to make some really cool t-shirts.  Your vote, along with PPM staff input, will decide the winner.  You can access our Facebook page to vote on your favorite design HERE.  We encourage you, your neighbors, friends, family, coworkers and everyone else to vote.  The 1st place winner gets $1000, 2nd $750, and 3rd place gets $500.  Good luck to all the participants.
Check out our top 20 designs!
Chicago Apartments, T-Shirt Designs

0 thoughts on “The T-Shirt Designs are in, Now It’s Time to VOTE!

  1. Some of these are pretty cool. #18 is the best art and I’d even want one in a kid’s size. #2 is nice and simple and sunny! I like the skylines and Lincoln but they look like what everybody does. #14 is too style- specific. I’d never wear that. Still, a good lot to choose from.

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