The Simple KonMari Solution To Home Organization That You’ve Been Missing

Chicago Apartments, KonMari, Cleaning Tips

We’re very excited to share this KonMari “hack” with you today because it’s one of our favorites. To be honest, the “hack” itself seems pretty obvious and doesn’t sound that impressive on its own. Except it totally is, because this little hack can completely transform the way you organize your apartment. Here’s what it is: Utilizing tiny boxes or containers, particularly ones that fit inside other boxes (think Russian nesting dolls).

Chicago Apartments, KonMari, Cleaning Tips

We know, it sounds ridiculously simple. But even if you already incorporate container or box storage into your home organization, we bet you aren’t getting as much out of it as you possibly can.

Boxes can be used in every room of your apartment to organize stuff belonging to each KonMari category: clothing, books, papers, komono, and sentimental items. For example, small boxes can be used inside your underwear and socks drawers to keep clothing separate and organized. Tiny boxes can also be stored within larger boxes to keep your supplies separate from each other and easy to find. That junk drawer you’ve been telling yourself you’ll sort through one day? Multiple tiny boxes within other boxes will make organizing it a breeze. Think outside the box (literally) and you incorporate this type of storage within places that don’t seem obvious right away, such as your kitchen drawers or bathroom cabinets.

Marie Kondo refers to boxes as the “king of storage.” In fact, she even sells her own line of them (but you can easily use what you have on hand—no need to spend a lot on this hack). After giving it a try in your own home, we bet you’ll see why this deceptively simple trick is so satisfying.


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