The Secret Hack You Need To Know For A Sparkling Clean Sink

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Stainless steel sinks are ideal for apartment living. But with all the washing, soaking, and scrubbing that goes on in them, they require a good cleaning every once in a while to get rid of water spots and stains. This is especially true when you’re preparing your home for hosting guests over the holidays. We recently learned about a weird trick that can help you get a sparkling clean stainless steel sink, and you probably already have what you need in the pantry. When it comes to cleaning your stainless steel sink, a household item secretly holds the key—flour. That’s right, flour is the ingredient you’ve been searching for that will give you the squeaky-clean sink of your dreams. Here’s how to put it to use:

 Chicago Apartments, Sink Cleaning Tips

  1. Begin with an empty sink. Clean out any lingering debris or food particles.

  2. Wipe the sink down with a disinfectant.

  3. Next, dry the sink with a towel. Be sure it’s completely dry. This is important!

  4. Now it’s time for the flour. Sprinkle flour all around the bottom and sides of your sink. Measuring isn’t necessary, just be sure to lightly cover the entire surface of the sink.

  5. Take a towel and scrub the flour into your sink in circular motions. The scrubbing, along with the flour, will result in a sparkling clean sink.

  6. Scoop up and throw away any excess flour. (Don’t wash it down the sink, unless you want to make some homemade Drano in the near future.)

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