The Marathon – Tips for Spectators and Townies

This Sunday 45,000 people from all over the country will be hitting the streets to get gelled out on goo whilst attempting to stay out of the way of walls.  That’s right, it’s the 34th annual Chicago Marathon, and if you plan on traversing your ‘hood during the event, here’s helpful things to know.

  • Most bus routes will not be in service on Sunday, but El trains will have extra cars to accommodate spectators.
  • Many major streets will be closed for the marathon route.  The city will begin towing cars at 1am on Sunday.
  • Cars parked on streets intersecting the marathon route may be blocked in until after 3 pm Sunday.

Here are the top spots to watch the event in our Planned Property neighborhoods.

1.)    Broadway between Roscoe and Addison – This area has been known to have full costumed cheerleaders with choreographed routines to cheer on runners
2.)    North Ave. between Sedgewick and Wells – An Elvis impersonator sets up full stage to serenade the crowd.
3.)    Your rooftop – Well, if you live at 1000 N. LaSalle or 1120 N. LaSalle.   It’s the perfect place to get a large scale view of the event as a whole.

To all of the runners, we wish you a safe and injury free run.  And to our PPM residents who are running the marathon, we want to hear about it.  Give us your tips, post pics, and let us know how you did.  Good luck!

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