The Late Bloomer




Located right in the New City area of Lincoln Park, this great restaurant is the perfect place to stop if you’re about to do some shopping or go to a movie!

Whether you’re looking for something light or something hearty, this menu is sure to knock your socks right off!

These guys have great menus for Lunch, Dinner and Brunch and they’re open 7 days per week!

The Late Bloomer

1538 N Clybourn




-Avocado Toast

It’s got bright green colors, and it’s nice and hearty, yet still healthy!

We love Avocado toast and this restaurant has a great take on it and the arugula is a great added bonus!


-Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

Chances are, you’ve had one of these before but we guarantee you’ve never had one like this!

First off, it’s huge.

Second, it’s really good that it’s huge, because it was AWESOME. Enough said.




-Thai Chicken Curry Bowl

This bright and flavorful bowl is everything you need rejuvenated! There were lots of complex flavors in this bowl, and the added kick is really worth every bite!



-North Branch Burger

This Burger is awesome. It’s definitely one of the Hearty selections on the menu, so if you eat it make sure you’re wearing sweatpants! Each bite is pure heaven and it’s just juicy and cheesy enough to really make you feel like you’ve reached the pure height of human existence.



-Great Atmosphere

This place really makes you feel like you just jumped into some seriously great Instagram photos.

It’s got a great vibe with a bright sunny central area!

Not to mention the awesome location!


Have Fun!

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