The Great Falafel/Wing Stop

Chicago Apartments, Lincoln Park Food, The Great Falafel, Wing Stop

We found two new affordable restaurants in Lincoln Park. Both are walking distance from all PPM Lincoln Park Buildings and we think are great values!
In our never-ending quest to find the best falafel in Chicago, our Neighborhood Restaurant Reviewers set their sights on The Great Falafel, located at 500 W Diversey. Located kitty corner from our 2756 N Pine Grove and 434-436 W Diversey buildings, The Great Falafel is a welcome addition to the Lincoln Park/Lakeview borderline offerings along Diversey.
The Great Falafel is 100% vegetarian and gluten-free, serving up delicious Middle Eastern food. We started with a staple at any Middle Eastern joint: hummus. Made from blended chickpeas, a touch of tahini, rich olive oil, and a quick dusting of paprika, this delicious concoction was super smooth and fresh.
While it’s hard to mess up hummus, there is definitely a secret ingredient or extra love added to this that made it some of the best we’ve tasted. Served up with fresh pita bread that was lightly toasted, it was the perfect way to start our meal. And, depending on your mood and level of hunger, could be a perfect light bite as a meal on its own!
Chicago Apartments, Lincoln Park Food, The Great Falafel
Then we went for the gusto. Would The Great Falafel live up to its name? Chickpeas, again, are a key ingredient in making these delicious Middle Eastern morsels. The chickpeas are ground up with a mix of carefully selected spices and are lightly deep-fried until golden brown.
Chicago Apartments, Lincoln Park Food, The Great Falafel
With very discerning palates, our team sampled the falafels with the chef’s suggestion of hot garlic sauce, which is made from scratch along with many of the other sauces available. The falafels were perfection. Crunch on the outside, moist inside, and bursting with flavor. They were cooked perfectly and seasoned just right. Along with the spicy punch of the garlic sauce it was enough for each member of our team to say that these might be the best falafels we’ve tasted thus far.
Chicago Apartments, Lincoln Park Food, The Great Falafel
Fresh food, healthy options, and exceptional service made The Great Falafel a very welcome addition to the neighborhood. And, being locally owned, it’s another great way to support our neighborhood and our neighbors.
The Great Falafel
500 W. Diversey
Mon – Sat 10:00 am – 10:00 pm
Sunday: 11:00 am – 9:00 pm
Next we stopped in the new Wing Stop on Clark Street. We loved the simplicity of the ordering process – 1st you pick type of chicken: traditional wings, boneless wings, strips or sandwich. Next you pick your flavor / sauce – from Teriyaki to Atomic and everything in between!
Chicago Apartments, Lincoln Park Food, Wing Stop
We had original hot sauce with 10 regular wings and they were the perfect amount of spiciness.
Chicago Apartments, Lincoln Park Food, Wing Stop
We also ordered the BBQ glider combo and an atomic strips combo – all were delicious and filling! All the chicken was crispy with a healthy amount of sauce.
Chicago Apartments, Lincoln Park Food, Wing Stop
We all agree the fresh cut fries were outstanding!
Chicago Apartments, Lincoln Park Food, Wing Stop
The food is made to order so if you want to eat immediately then we recommend calling ahead – we waited about 10 minutes but again it was worth it. The staff was informative AND entertaining!
In sum, both new place were affordable and delicious – two great new business in Lincoln Park – WELCOME!
Wing Stop
2634 Clark Street
Sun – Sat: 11:00am – 12:00am

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